Database Reference
In-Depth Information
In this chapter, we covered details on understanding enterprise data, its features and
categories. We then moved on to define Big Data with the core data definition from
enterprise data. We also looked at the paradigm shift that Big Data has brought in and
how the market is gearing up to use the technology advancements to handle the Big
Data challenges. We also saw how traditional approaches no longer fit the Big Data
context and new tools and techniques are being adopted. We also familiarized you
with data analytics techniques, their purpose, and a typical data science life cycle.
In the next chapter, we will learn about Greenplum UAP. We will take a deep dive
into the differentiating architectural patterns that make it suitable for advanced and
Big Data analytics. In terms of hardware as well as software, we would be drilling into
each of the modules and their relevance in the current context on analytics in discus-
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