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Storage design, disk protection, and fault
In this section let us explore storage configurations used for master and segment
servers in Greenplum. They both use RAID 5 for redundancy and disk protection.
Master server RAID configurations
In DCA, each master server has six disks. They are laid out for RAID 5 (4+1) con-
figuration with one hot backup. This configuration helps with additional fault toler-
ance on the master servers. The following table explains the RAID configurations for
Master server:
RAID group Physical disks Virtual disks Function File system Capacity
RAID group 1 5
Virtual disk 1 ROOT
48 GB
Virtual disk 2 SWAP
48 GB
Virtual disk 3 DATA
2.09 TB
Hot spare
Hot spare
The following figure depicts the master server RAID configurations as per the listing
in the preceding table:
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