Database Reference
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Data Computing Appliance (DCA)
In Chapter 2 , Greenplum Unified Analytics Platform (UAP) , we were introduced to
Data Computing Appliance ( DCA ) of Greenplum, In this section we will take a dive
deep into the configuration options in DCA.
There are four important layers in DCA. The following table explains the functions for
each layer:
Compute Currently, the latest intel processor for excellent compute node perform-
Storage High-density RAID protected disks
Database Greenplum Database incorporating MPP
Network Dual 10Gig Ethernet switches for high-speed data communication
between nodes
The following table provides the hardware details on the DCA UAP edition modules.
Notably, now there are five modules to deploy from:
• Greenplum Database compute, four 2RU servers per module
• Greenplum Database standard, four 2RU servers per module
• GPHD, four 2RU servers per module
• GPHD—compute, two 1RU servers per module, and for computation only
• GP DIA, two 1RU servers per module
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