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Energy Department's goal is to get this down to $8 a ton. At this price, the
emissions could be captured and stored in the U.S. while increasing the
cost to produce electric power by less than 10%.
President Bush has promoted carbon capture and burial as a way
to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The Energy Department's goal for
power plants would have them capture 90% of their carbon emissions by
California may have enough depleted oil fields and subsurface saline
deposits to store all the carbon dioxide that the state's power plants can
produce for the next few centuries, according to the Lawrence Berkeley
laboratory. Pilot projects using carbon dioxide injection to enhance oil
recovery have been conducted in Kern County.
A consortium of eight partners, including Canada, the United States,
the European Union and BP (formerly British Petroleum) have a $25-
million project to explore new technology to capture and store carbon
The project has found techniques that reduce costs for geological
carbon storage by up to 60%. Although more savings are needed before
economical large scale operations. Geological storage is one option that
could play an important part in carbon dioxide control.
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