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Figure 2.6. jEdit multifile search
The Directory radio button is checked to indicate that you're going to search multiple files. You can also
search just in the current file, or even the current selection.
The filter is set to *.html to search only those files that end in .html. You can modify this to search
different kinds of or subsets of files. For instance, I often want to search only my old news files, which are
named news2000.html, news2001.html, news2002.html, and so on. In that case, I would set the filter to
news2.*html. I could search even older files including news1999.html by rewriting the filter regular
expression in a form such as news\d\d\d\d.html.
I specify the directory where I've stored my local copy of the files I'm searching. In my case, this is
/Users/elharo/Cafe au Lait/javafaq.
"Search subdirectories" is checked. If it weren't, jEdit would search only the javafaq directory, but not any
directories that directory contains.
"Keep dialog" is checked. This keeps the dialog box open after the search is completed.
"Ignore case" is checked. This will allow the regular expression to match regardless of case. This isn't
always what you want, but more often than not, it is.
" Regular expressions " is checked. You don't need to check this when you're only searching for a constant
string, as here. However, most searches are more complex than that.
HyperSearch is checked. This will bring up a window showing all matches, rather than just finding the next
Fortunately, that particular problem seems to have been isolated. However, I also recently noticed another,
more serious problem. For some unknown reason, I somehow had managed to write links with double equals
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