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Although you can write tests manually in Selenium using remote control, it is really designed more as a
traditional GUI record and playback tool. This makes it more suitable for testing an application that has already
been written and less suitable for doing test-driven development.
Selenium is likely to be more comfortable to front-end developers who are accustomed to working with
JavaScript and HTML. It is also likely to be more palatable to professional testers because it's similar to some of
the client GUI testing tools they're already familiar with.
Listing 2.7 demonstrates a Selenium test that verifies that shows up in the first page of results
from a Google search for "Elliotte." This script was recorded in the Selenium IDE and then edited a little by
hand. You can load it into and then run it from a web browser. Unlike the other examples given here, this is not
Java code, and it does not require major programming skills to maintain. Selenium is more of a macro language
than a programming language.
Listing 2.7. Test That Is in the Top Search Results for Elliotte
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