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had 1 broken link
had 3 broken links
had 1 broken link
had 2 broken links
Most such tools are highly configurable and have numerous options for specifying exactly what to check and not
to check. Usually the defaults are fine. One option you may want to consider is differentiating between checking
for broken internal links and broken external links. Broken external links are bad, but broken internal links are
ten times worse (and are usually easier to fix). In the case of Linklint, the default is to check only for internal
links. To check external links as well, add the -net option:
Code View:
$ linklint -http -host -net /2000march.html
Checking links via
that match: /2000march.html
1 seed: /2000march.html
Seed: /2000march.html
checking robots.txt for
Checking /2000march.html
----- /1999november.html
----- /1999may.html
----- /1999september.html
----- /1999december.html
----- /1999october.html
----- /2000february.html
----- /1999july.html
----- /1999august.html
----- /2000january.html
----- /1999june.html
Processing ...
found 11 html files
found 2 image files
found 61 http links
----- 10 files skipped
ERROR 1 missing other file
ERROR 1 missing named anchor
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