HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Checking /javafaq.html
----- /oldnews/news2007March30.html
----- /oldnews/news2007March23.html
Processing ...
writing files to results
wrote 21 txt files
wrote 19 html files
wrote index file index.html
found 64 default indexes
found 112 cgi files
found 923 html files
found 2 java archive files
found 130 image files
found 86 applet files
found 593 other files
found 1076 http links
found 26 ftp links
found 249 mailto links
found 13 news links
found 542 named anchors
----- 3 actions skipped
----- 100 files skipped
ERROR 1 missing directory
ERROR 4 missing cgi files
ERROR 28 missing html files
ERROR 1 missing java archive file
ERROR 12 missing image files
ERROR 6 missing applet files
ERROR 19 missing other files
ERROR 104 missing named anchors
Linklint found 1910 files and checked 1000 html files.
There were 71 missing files. 160 files had broken links.
175 errors, no warnings.
This tool writes its results into a directory specified on the command line (here, the results directory) in both
plain text and HTML format. The most useful results file is errorF.html, which contains a list of the file containing
the broken links, as well as the links that were broken. Typical output looks like this:
Code View:
file: errorF.txt
date: Sun, 01 Apr 2007 14:55:15 (local)
Linklint version: 2.3.5
# ERROR 160 files had broken links
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