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If someone asks you to do these things, just say no. Users hate animated ads, and these days more users block
them than don't. Indeed, some users block all Flash content by default just to avoid these ads (and other
equally annoying animated content that is not technically ads). If you really want to waste your time and your
client's/company's money on animated ads, be my guest, but I guarantee you that your effort and intelligence
would be better spent on improving your site's usability and customer conversion than on making the ads blink.
As to using Flash data storage to replace cookies, if a user is smart enough to block your cookies, chances are
they are smart enough to set Flash's persistent storage to zero, too. If your client insists on such scummy
tactics, fire the client. If your boss orders you to do this, find a better job. (Don't worry too hard about this.
Most such bosses/clients have their hair cut too pointy to know about this in the first place. If you don't tell
them it's possible, they'll never know to ask for it.)
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