HTML and CSS Reference
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For hspace and vspace , notice that CSS gives you more control. You can set the right padding separately from
the left padding and the top padding separately from the bottom. When converting to CSS, you'll need to copy
the values from hspace into both padding-left and padding-right . You'll also need to copy the values from
vspace into both padding-top and padding-bottom .
If you've modified align , you should also look for any <br clear="all"/> tags that may be lying around.
These make sure that the image doesn't go too far down the screen when the line width is larger than expected.
The br element is allowed in strict XHTML, but the clear attribute is not. Instead, you assign the br element a
CSS clear property with the value left , right , or both . There's not a lot of semantics involved here, so I
usually just identify these as classes. For example:
br.left { clear: left; }
br.right { clear: right; }
br.all { clear: both; }
<br class="left" />
<br class="right"/>
<br class="all" />
Tidy will not help with these. You're on your own.
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