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Escape Quotation Marks in Attribute Values
Convert " to " or ' to ' in attribute values.
<blockquote cite='Jane's Fighting Ships 2007-2008,
Stephen, R.N. Saunders, p. 32'>
<a title="How the Supreme Court "elected"
George W. Bush president">
<blockquote cite='Jane&apos;s Fighting Ships 2007-2008,
Stephen, R.N. Saunders, p. 32'>
<blockquote cite="Jane's Fighting Ships 2007-2008,
Stephen, R.N. Saunders, p. 32">
<a title='How the Supreme Court "elected" George W. Bush'>
<a title="How the Supreme Court &quot;elected&quot;
George W. Bush president">
A quotation mark that appears inside an attribute value delimited with the same style of quotation mark
prematurely closes the value. Different browsers deal differently with this situation, but the result is almost
never anything you want. Even if you aren't transitioning to full XHTML, this refactoring is an important fix.
Potential Trade-offs
None. This change can only improve your web pages.
Because this is a real bug that does cause problems on pages, it's unlikely to show up in a lot of significant
places. You can usually fix all the occurrences by hand fairly easily.
Because the legality or illegality of any one quote mark depends on others, it's not easy to check for this
problem using regular expressions. However, well-formedness testing will find this problem. Indeed, you may
need to fix this one before fixing other, lesser problems because it's likely to hide other errors.
As with < and & , this problem is most often caused by blindly copying data from a database or other external
source without first scanning it for reserved characters. Be sure to clean the data using a function such as PHP's
htmlspecialchars to convert quotation marks and apostrophes into the equivalent entity references before
inserting them into attribute values.
Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to escape all quotation marks, only those inside attribute values.
You can escape quote marks in plain text if you want to, but this is superfluous. I usually don't bother. Even
inside attribute values, you only need to escape the kind of quote that delimits the attribute value. Because
different authors, editors, and tools differ in whether they prefer single or double quote marks, I usually escape
both to be safe.
Tidy and TagSoup cannot reliably fix quotation marks inside attribute values. For example, Tidy turned this:
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