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Multivariate Analysis
To avoid some of the problems of weighting, multivariate analysis is a geo-
graphic information analysis operation that facilitates more f lexible permu-
tations of attribute combinations and relationships between attributes and
geographic positions. The variables are often combined in linear equations
that simply provide for the additive combination of attributes and relation-
ships, but multidimensional equations provide ways to consider attributes
and relationships in more complex situations.
The most complex geographic information analysis operations, and, for
many reasons, the most important geographic information analysis opera-
tions, are geostatistical geographic information analysis operations (covered
in Chapter 14). Considering even just three of these rich operations can
point out the importance of geostatistics especially for applications that
need to go beyond geographic modeling of things as patterns and transform-
Site selection for disposal of marine sediments. The characterizations used in this
decision making are used to determine the relative importance of habitats for commercial fishing
and suitability for depositing marine sediments.
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