Geography Reference
In-Depth Information
5. Is there any mining in the county?
Scroll to the bottom of the page and use the Create multicounty land use
and cover statistics link. You will then be at the Minnesota land use and
cover statistics page and can prepare statistical summaries for answering
the next questions.
6. What Minnesota county has the greatest percentage of forested land?
7. What Minnesota country has the smallest acreage of water?
Continue now to look at some demographic data for Minnesota. Go to http://www. . This brings you to a web-
page listing a variety of statistical data available for Minnesota. Choose
Demographics from the menu box on the left and then the Census Reports and
Mappings link. Under the heading Population Profiles choose Population in 1970,
1980, 1990, 2000 and then click the Mapping button on the right. Enter a title for the
map (e.g., “Minnesota Population in 1970”). Click the Define legend button to make
your own legend following this example.
Now, let's take a look at an example of a remote sensing application. Go to http:// and describe what this imagery shows.
8. What has been happening in Wyperfeld?
9. How many of the 27 seasons were captured by the Landsat satellites? (Hint:
read the whole story)
Part 2: Find Data
In this part of the exercise, you can search for data for any area in the United States
you are interested in. Suggested starting points are:
Using the site of your choice, print the map you make and answer the following
questions on a separate sheet of paper.
9. What is the URL you went to?
10. What kinds of maps are available at this website?
11. Can you interactively create (choose characteristics or attributes, your own
legend values, etc.) your own maps at this site?
12. Describe the map you made: What does it show? Does it look like what you
would have expected? What is the legend?
Part 3: Take a Bad Map . . . And Make It Better
This is the most creative part of the exercise. You will need to find and print a map
that you find “bad” for any number of reasons: the colors, the legend, the theme, the
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