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The highest generally available resolution is less than 1 m for panchromatic
remote sensing data.
9. When was remote sensing first used?
Most people consider the use of the telescope in the 17th century to be the
first use of remote sensing.
10. How is remote sensing data usually stored?
Remote sensing data is usually stored on computer using a raster format.
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Web Resources
One of the most consumer-friendly remote sensing-based web applications (registra-
tion required for full access) is available online at
For information about LandSat 7, see the website
NASA provides many fascinating images at its website at
Documentation of wetland destruction using animations is available online at http://
For in-depth discussion of everything related to remote sensing, with an emphasis on
Landsat, but covering other sensor technologies in great detail, see http://rst.gsfc.
For information about SPOT satellites, see
Another source for information about Landsat satellites is available online at http://
For an excellent interactive tutorial about various aspects of remote sensing, see
A tutorial introduction to LiDAR is available online at
Download Landsat data online at
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