Geography Reference
In-Depth Information
A composite of different multispectral data to produce a ā€œ picture-likeā€ image of the
changes in ice fields. Made available online to other researchers, these mea-
surements, images, and data have become a crucial part of a key area of
global change research.
Urban Dynamics
Because of the frequency of observation, satellite-based remote sensing
images and data have proven to be very useful in documenting and assessing
the growth of large cities around the world and distinguishing changes and
processes. Urban dynamics are complex, but individual changes in a single
area can be compared to assess the impacts of various policies and urban
planning programs. Data and models developed to understand past growth
can be used to make predictions of future growth and to assess alternative
policy and planning proposals.
Precision Farming
Detailed remote sensing images and data, from a variety of platforms, are
used by farmers to reduce the use of and become more efficient in the appli-
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