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FigUreĀ 2.17 Swapping wall type before and after
Creating Curtain Walls
Curtain walls are created in much the same way as regular walls: by selecting
the type of curtain wall and then sketching the desired shape. However, the
available parameters for curtain walls vary from basic or stacked walls.
The objective of the following exercise is to customize a curtain wall that is
instance-based (meaning you will not define any type parameters yet). You will
manually add curtain grids that will subdivide the wall into smaller panels. The
last part of the exercise will be to add curtain mullions, which are hosted to the
curtain grids, and manually space the grids to the desired width.
exercise 2.7: Create and Customize a
Curtain Wall
To begin, open the topic's web page at ,
download the files for chapter 2, and open the file c02-ex-2.7.start.rvt .
1. The starting file should open to the default 3D view. Select the
Curtain Grid tool from the Build panel on the Architecture tab of the
2. As you hover over the edge of the curtain wall, you are prompted with
a dashed line that indicates where the grid will be placed. Also notice
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