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FiGure 14.4 Selection filters
Customize your double-click behavior. If you navigate to Application Options
User Interface Double-Click Options, you can customize the action for the
element types (Figure 14.5). The available actions will vary based on the element
type; however, each type has a Do Nothing option. For example, if you find
yourself accidentally double-clicking to edit families, you can change the default
FiGure 14.5 Double-click settings
Make elevators visible in your plans. Suppose you want to create a shaft that
will penetrate all the floors of your building and put an elevator in it that will
show in all your plans. You could do this with an elevator family and cut a series
of holes in the floors by editing floor profiles, but sometimes those holes stop
aligning on their own recognizance. Fortunately, you can do both things at
once using the Shaft tool on the Opening panel of the Architecture tab. Here,
not only can you cut a vertical hole through multiple floors as a single object,
but also you can insert 2D linework (using the Symbolic Line tool when editing
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