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3. In the Fields tab of the Schedule Properties dialog, add the following
fields from the Available fields column to the Scheduled fields column
(in order):
Floor Finish
North Wall
East Wall
South Wall
West Wall
4. Click the Filter tab and choose Filter by Name, does not equal, Room.
This will filter out rooms that haven't been updated with a specific
name representing their function (Figure 12.8).
FigUre 12.8 Filter out unnamed rooms.
5. On the Sorting/Grouping tab, sort by number, and then make sure
the Itemize every instance option is checked in the lower-left
6. On the Formatting tab, select the Area field, and set the alignment to
Right. Multi-select the North, East, South, and West Walls by hold-
ing down Ctrl when you click them; then set the alignment to Center.
Click OK to get the schedule you see in Figure 12.9.
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