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1. Choose the Legend button on the View tab's Legends flyout. Creating
a new legend is much like creating a new drafting view.
A New Legend View dialog box opens (Figure 11.35), where you can
name the legend and set the scale.
2. Name this legend WALL LEGEND , and choose 1 = 1 -0 (1:10) for the
scale. Click OK to create the legend.
Figure 11.35 Creating a
3. To add wall types or any other family to the legend view, expand the
Families tree in the Project Browser and navigate to the Walls family.
Expand this node, and then expand the Basic Wall node.
4. Select the Interior - Gyp 4 7/8 wall type, and drag it into the legend
5. Change the view's detail level in the view's Properties palette from
Coarse to Medium or Fine so you can see the detail in the wall.
Remember, you can turn off the thicker lines in the view by click-
ing the Thin Lines button
in the Quick Access Toolbar (QAT).
6. Highlight the inserted wall, and look at the Modify | Legend
Components settings in the Options Bar (Figure 11.36).
Figure 11.36 Select a legend component to access its properties in the Options Bar.
7. Change View to Section, and change Host Length to 1 - 6 ( 500 mm).
The wall now looks like a sectional element. By adding some simple
text and detail components, you can embellish the wall type to better
explain the elements you're viewing (Figure 11.37).
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