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This concludes Exercise 9.4. You can compare your results with the sample
ile c09-ex-09.4end.rvt available in the chapter's download.
Displacing elements is
a view-specific override
much like hiding an
element in one view only.
The changes made using
Displacement will not
affect the model or any
other views of the model.
exercise 9.5: 3D exploded View
To begin, open the file c09-ex-09.5start.rvt from the files you downloaded
for this chapter.
1. Open the view 3D Exploded View. Select the large brick wall, and
click the Displace Elements button on the View panel of the
Modify tab.
2. A widget appears with green, red, and blue arrows. This widget allows
you to move the displaced set of elements. Click and drag the red
arrow away from the house. Release the mouse button to place the
wall. With the wall still selected, look in the Properties palette for the
X Displacement value. Set this value to 25 - 0 (7.6 m).
3. Since the windows are hosted in the wall, they move with it. You can
displace these elements farther from the wall. Hover your mouse over
a window, and click the Tab key until the window highlights. Select
the window; then hold down Ctrl and click the other two windows so
you have all three selected. Click the Displace Elements button. In
the Properties palette, set the X Displacement value for the window
to 20 - 0 (6 m).
4. Click any of the displaced windows to select the displacement set, and
from the ribbon choose the Path tool. Hover your mouse over one
of the corners of your displaced windows. Click to add a dashed line
back to where the element originated; repeat for the other corners. If
you accidentally add a path line you don't want, you can select it and
click Delete on the keyboard.
5. Now you can add graphic effects using the GDO to make a beautiful
and informative presentation drawing using steps from the previous
exercises. Your results may look like Figure 9.11.
This concludes Exercise 9.5. You can compare your results with the sample
ile c09-ex-09.5end.rvt from the files you downloaded.
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