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Importing a 2D Image
To create a 2D digital sketch, Autodesk released a tool for Apple's iPad called
SketchBook Pro, which allows you to sketch directly on a tablet using a stylus
or your finger like you would use a pen or pencil. The sketch in Figure 7.1 was
created on an iPad, but the following steps apply to any scanned image—from
either a magazine or trace paper.
FIgure 7.1 A 2D sketch from Autodesk SketchBook Pro for iPad
exercise 7.1: Import and Scale a 2D Image
To begin, go to the topic's web page at ,
and download the files for Chapter 7.
1. On the home screen, select Architecture Template to open one of
the default Revit Architecture templates. Open the East elevation by
double-clicking East in the Project Browser.
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