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You can change the
category of a family in
the Family Category
and Parameters dialog
before loading it into
a project; however,
frequent manipulation
is not recommended
because graphics
and parameters vary
greatly across family
FIgUre 5.6 Selecting a family template
2. Select Plumbing Fixture.rft ( Metric Plumbing Fixture.rft ), and
click Open.
The Revit Architecture user interface changes slightly to what is
known as the Family Editor (keep in mind that you are still within
the main Revit Architecture application).
3. Go to the Create tab's Properties panel, and click the Family Category
and Parameters button.
The Family Category and Parameters dialog box opens (Figure 5.7);
it shows the category to which the family is assigned (Plumbing
4. Click OK to close the dialog.
Next, you want to practice saving this family and loading it into
a project (let's pretend for now that you added geometry in the
Plumbing Fixtures family.
5. From the Application button, click Save As  Family. Call the family
Plumbing Test (notice that the file extension is now .rfa ).
When the save completes, you'll load this family into a new project.
6. Create a new project with the default template. Then navigate back
to the Plumbing Test family. From any tab in the ribbon click Load
Into Project.
If you have more than one project file open, Revit will prompt you
for which one to load. If you have one project open, Revit will switch
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