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Table 8.1 Examples of Routine On-Farm Management Procedures Conducted on Livestock
Management practice
What the practice
When this practice is
typically done
Why this practice is done
Early removal/wean
from mother cow in
dairy animals
Separation of newborn
calf from its mother
Immediately to 48 hours
after birth
Allow for milk production
from cow to enter the food
supply; calves are provided
with a milk replacer.
Castration of males
Removal of testicles
from male cattle not
used for breeding
Dairy calves: ~3-4 weeks
of age
Beef calves: ~10-13 months
of age
Male cattle are safer and easier
to handle, and castration
prevents unwanted
Tail docking of female
dairy cows
Removal of the tip of the
tail or shortening of
the tail
A few weeks after being
weaned off milk or a few
weeks before giving birth
Make access to the cow's udder
easier during milking
Prevention of horn
growth or horn
r e m o v a l/a m p u t a t i o n
Dairy: 1-6 weeks of age
Beef: 2-12 months of age
Protect cattle and farm
workers from injury
Animal identification
Pierce the ears with ear
tags and/or marking
the skin by hot iron or
freeze branding
Upon birth or arrival to a
Provide means of identifying
individual animals.
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