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a JasperReports-based view. InternalResourceViewResolver , on the other hand, resolves
view names to JSP or Apache Tiles-based view components located in the WEB-INF folder.
It is the most widely used view resolver. AbstractTemplateViewResolver is the abstract
base class used to resolve template-based views. FreeMarkerViewResolver and
VelocityViewResolver are two specialized classes to determine views based on FreeMarker
and Velocity template engines, respectively. Now that you are familiarized with the
important view-handling classes, it's time to turn your attention to the dynamic aspect
by exploring the sequence diagram of the view-handling subsystem (see Figure 3-7).
Figure 3-7. View management sequence diagram
This is an extension of the workflow discussed in Figure 3-4. The message exchange
between the participating objects is as follows:
1. The handler adapter component is responsible for invoking the handleRequest
method on the Controller interface.
2. The page controller creates the ModelAndView object and passes it the logical view
name and the data to be rendered by the view.
3. The dispatcher servlet then delegates the view-rendering activity to the render
4. The render method first tries to locate the appropriate view object by calling the
resolveViewName method.
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