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View Handler
Now it's time to take a closer look at another piece of the application controller puzzle—
view management. Figure 3-5 shows the simple application controller workflow with
the view handler component.
Figure 3-5. View management workflow
The role of dispatcher servlet as the coordinator is reemphasized in Figure 3-5.
Note that the view handlers are completely decoupled from the action management
This is achieved with the View and ViewResolver interfaces. The View interface is an
abstraction of any presentation technology available. This makes it possible to integrate
and use with Spring MVC any presentation technology, such as an HTML-based JSP or a
document-based PDF. Views essentially display the results of business object invocation.
They also present controls such as buttons, links, and input boxes for the users to interact
with the system. But from the perspective of the application controller and view manage-
ment, ViewResolver is the most important interface. It is responsible for the complete
decoupling of view and controllers. Figure 3-6 shows the basic view resolver class
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