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Figure 3-4. Action handler sequence diagram
This is a complex interaction diagram, showing the internals of the Spring applica-
tion controller component. The different steps in this diagram are as follows:
1. The request processing starts off with the doService method. It keeps a copy of the
request attributes and delegates to the doDispatch method for further processing.
2. The doDispatch method coordinates and controls the workflow of the application
3. The getHandler method is called on the dispatcher servlet to get hold of the appro-
priate handler mapping for the given request. There can be a list of handler
mappings installed with the Spring MVC runtime. This method checks the list to
select the appropriate handler mapping.
4. Once the correct handler mapping for a given request is detected, its getHandler
method is invoked to return an instance of HandlerExecutionChain .
5. The doDispatch method looks for an interceptor list that has been configured
in the Spring container. However, it is not mandatory to have interceptors for
requests; it depends entirely on your requirement.
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