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the next view is selected with the help of view managers. The simplified sequence
diagram in Figure 3-1 shows the interaction between the front controller, the page
controller, and the view resolver. I will explain this diagram in greater detail in the
subsequent sections.
Figure 3-1. Sequence diagram: front controller request flow
It is evident from Figure 3-1 that the doDispatch is the most important method
in DispatcherServlet . It orchestrates and invokes the page controller and view. The
InternalResourceView class is responsible for abstracting a JSP-based view.
Out-of-the-box front controller : The Spring MVC provides a ready-made front con-
troller that can be used in the application by mere configuration.
Centralized control : The front controller provides a central entry point to consoli-
date and control the request inflow into the application. This makes it simpler to
manage the application.
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