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Table 1-1. Java EE Spring Patterns Catalog
Pattern Name
View Helper
Separates presentation from business logic
Composite View
Builds a layout-based view from multiple smaller
Front Controller
Provides a single point of access for presentation
tier resources
Application Controller
Acts as a front controller helper responsible for
the coordinations with the page controllers and
view components.
Service to Worker
Executes business logic before control is finally
passed to next view
Dispatcher View
Executes minimal or no business logic to prepare
response to the next view
Page Controller
Manages each user action on a page and executes
business logic
Intercepting filters
Pre- and post-processes a user request
Context Object
Decouples application controllers from being tied
to any specific protocol
Business Delegate
Acts as a bridge to decouple page controller and
business logic that can be complex remote
distributed object
Service Locator
Provides handle to business objects
Session Facade
Exposes coarse-grained interface for entry into
business layer for remote clients
Application Service
Provides business logic implementation as simple
Java objects
Business Interface
Consolidates business methods and applies
compile-time checks of EJB methods
Data Access Object
Separates data access logic from business logic
Procedure Access Object
Encapsulates access to database stored procedure
and functions
Service Activator
Processes request asynchronously
(aka Message Facade)
Web Service Broker
Encapsulates logic to access external applications
exposed as web services standards
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