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You can now test the login screen by supplying the values for the user and password
setup in the file in Listing 7-4. On successful authentication, the user is
redirected to the home page, as shown in Figure 7-30.
Figure 7-30. Placing an order
I will leave the rest of the tasks in the tracker for you to complete. Any agile Java EE
project must set up a source control, continuous integration server, as well as a few
source code analysis and refactoring tools. You can try these different options in Blazon
ezJEE to take this project forward. I will take this project forward on my web site at .
In this chapter, I showed how to build the basic structure for an order management sys-
tem in an interactive way. Although I provided most of the foundation, I left enough for
you to try to experience the application design and development with the Spring Frame-
work and Java EE patterns. I also introduced you to user stories for agile requirements
gathering. Then I discussed the strategies that should be adopted by describing the archi-
tecture and design for projects in a flexible way. Finally, I presented a quick tour to get
started on the development using Blazon ezJEE, which is an Eclipse Ganymede-based
agile development environment.
As they say, all good things must come to an end. With this chapter, we've finished
our journey of Java EE design patterns with the Spring Framework. I will keep updating
and adding to this catalog, and you can find useful supplementary information related to
Java EE Spring patterns on my web site at .
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