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This displays the Add Dependency dialog box. In the query input box search for
Spring, select the appropriate version of the product, and click OK, as shown in
Figure 7-13. This will now add the Spring project dependency to the OMSWeb project.
The version of the dependent project that you select may be critical. This is because
the dependent project—Spring in this case—can in turn have dependencies on other
Figure 7-13. Searching and adding Maven 2 projects as dependency
Following the same steps, you can add dependencies for other projects as listed in
Table 7-3. You are now ready to start coding and unit testing for the OMS application.
Constructing the Project
As shown in the Resource column of the tracker in Figure 7-1, I will now start with the
login service and setup of the security layer. The security layer is added primarily by the
configuration to the OMSWeb project to provide secured access to system resources to
authenticated users. All the development tasks that follow from now on are in the
OMSWeb project unless mentioned otherwise.
The first step to setting up the OMSWeb project is to add Maven dependencies with
other projects. You can do this by following the steps outlined earlier. Listing 7-1 shows
the pom.xml file that results from adding the dependent projects of OMSWeb.
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