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Story Card: Save Order
The system allows authenticated users to save an order with a unique order identifier.
This identifier can be used later to search an order. The users need to use a lookup func-
tion to select the order items. In the first release, the system will allow only one item per
Acceptance test set : AT-03
Priority : 1
Iteration Planning
Once the requirements are identified, it's time for iteration planning . Iteration planning
generally produces a plan for the programming and unit testing tasks to be carried out
for the current iteration. You should also add architecture, design, coding standards com-
pliance, and refactoring to the iteration plan. Each iteration lasts 14 to 21 working days
on average. In the first couple of iterations, more time is spent on architecture and design
evolutions. You should not spend more than two to three iterations baselining your archi-
tecture and design, after which the programming tasks should take precedence.
You can use advanced software such as Microsoft Project for your project manage-
ment and planning needs. However, keeping with the XP philosophy of simplicity and
flexibility, you can use spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice Calc
for quick planning and tracking. Figure 7-1 shows the plan and tracker for the first itera-
tion of the example OMS created using Microsoft Excel.
Figure 7-1. Plan and tracker for iteration 1
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