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<bean class="org.springframework.aop.framework.autoproxy å
.DefaultAdvisorAutoProxyCreator" />
<!—other beans -->
Note that this bean does not require a name or ID attribute because it will be used by
the Spring AOP module internally. It will check beans for method names matching the
advisor and will create appropriate proxies to intercept calls to the method.
• With Spring AOP support, the audit trail can be applied declaratively on the POJO
application service components.
• It has support for a variety of options for logging the audit trail.
• The Spring AOP-based audit trail has no impact on the application code.
• Upfront knowledge of AOP is required, which is considered difficult for junior
• Spring AOP makes extensive use of proxies and bytecode generation. This adds to
performance overhead.
Domain Service Owner Transaction
Transaction management is a critical concern for any enterprise application. It is essen-
tial to maintain the consistency of enterprise data. Transaction management is a
complex system concern because it involves interacting with a variety of enterprise infor-
mation systems. In Java EE servers, the applications can leverage the EJB container's
robust support for distributed transaction. All the different types of EJBs—session, entity,
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