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• It is easy to expose existing POJO services through a variety of remoting options.
• It is easy to develop Spring-based clients for remote web services.
• Technology- and platform-independent service access can be accomplished using
web services.
• Existing services can now participate in a bigger integration scenario.
• Burlap-Hessian is nonstandard with respect to JAX-RPC and JAX-WS.
• Accessing services over the network can have adverse effects on application
• It will be necessary to implement a robust security infrastructure as more and
more services become available as remote web services.
Spring provides a robust high-level API that makes writing data access code very simple.
This is possible because the framework takes care of the boilerplate code generally
required for direct JDBC. The API also embodies robust object design principles and pat-
terns. Spring JDBC also provides an OO wrapper to access legacy stored procedures
through the PAO pattern. Spring ORM module allows integration with ORM solutions.
This also needs to wrap with Data Access Object pattern to provide a consistent persist-
ence API to the business tier.
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