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• The high-level API provided by Spring JDBC makes it easy to access legacy stored
• PAO promotes object orientation and minimizes code redundancy.
• PAO manages the boilerplate low-level code and resource management.
• Using legacy stored procedures limits application portability.
• It has difficult-to-manage system services such as transaction, security, and so on.
• Invoking a stored procedure running on a remote database server comes with all
the baggage associated with remote procedure calls. So, this can have a possible
adverse effect on performance.
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Like most enterprise applications, eInsure also had to support reports. Reports provide
valuable insights into the state of the business. In eInsure, for example, there were
reports to find out how many policies have been sold per product over a period, how
many premium collections over a period of time, the number of new leads in the month
of January, and so on. The contents and number of reports varied with the needs of the
eInsure supported two types of reports: scheduled and user generated. The sched-
uled reports were triggered by schedulers like Unix CRON after certain intervals. An
example of a scheduled report is the monthly premium collection report. The user-
generated reports were triggered by the users of the eInsure application from their
browser. A user would typically select a report, supply the necessary inputs, and start
the report generation.
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