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In this chapter, I have extensively explored various presentation tier patterns. We started
off at one end of the spectrum and finished at the other end, setting the stage for busi-
ness layer patterns in Chapter 4. The Front Controller pattern intercepted all requests
and delegated to the action handlers in the Application Controller pattern. The action
handlers work with the Context Object and Page Controller patterns to invoke business
logic. Once the page controller selects the logical view and returns the data retrieved
from business logic invocation, control is passed back to the application controller. The
application controller uses view management components to resolve the appropriate
physical view and binds the application data. The View Helper pattern assists in adapting
the application data in the views and builds composite views to send the final response
for end user display. The working of the front controller and page controllers can be dec-
orated with the Intercepting Filter pattern and handler interceptors. The Dispatcher View
pattern provides the guidelines to combine all the presentation tier patterns to delegate
efficiently to static views. Finally, the Service to Worker pattern paves the way for interac-
tion with the business layer using the Business Delegate pattern.
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