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Foster best practice : This lays down clear guidelines for combining presentation tier
Easy to implement : It is easy to implement this solution in Spring because we
hardly need to write any code; everything is glued together using configuration.
Overcomplex solution : Dispatching to a static or semistatic view is a simple task.
But still there is dependency on layering and various framework-specific compo-
nents to maintain a consistent application architecture. This is a complex solution
to a simple task.
Service to Worker
The Dispatcher View pattern sets the guidelines for dispatching control to a static view. In
the case of eInsure, these constituted only a handful of use cases. A vast majority of the
use cases, however, required a dynamic view prepared from dynamic data.
However, since this product was migrated from legacy PL/SQL it had data access
code being invoked from page controllers. Since the product was implemented at several
clients and required quick turnarounds, developers would resort to quick fixes. They
would mix business logic with data access in page controllers, leading to a poorly
designed solution.
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