Information Technology Reference
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0x04, /* Le
0x42, 0xC8
0x1F, /* In
0x04, /* Le
0x00, 0x00
0x14, /* Li
0x0A, /* L
0x33, /* Se
0x08, /* Le
0x3A, 0xA
0x00, 0x00
ength of field
8, 0x00, 0x00,
ntrcpt */
ength of field
0, 0x00, 0x00,
inear conversi
Length of field
et of coefficien
ength of field
A0, 0x00, 0x00
0, 0x00, 0x00,
, /* 100 */
/* 0 */
on */
nts */
0, /* Slope: 0.0
/* Intercept: 0
_CSUM /* Che
0 */
ecksum */
5 */
The strang
btain the ECG
nformation abo
To obtain t
he steering wh
o obtain the so
The use of
he sensor netw
est sensor use
G signal in a
out the wellne
this signal thr
heel. These str
o wanted ECG
f such a rare s
work and the IE
ed in this proje
car environm
ess and comfor
ree conductive
ripes are put in
G signal.
sensor in auto
EEE 1451 fam
ect is the ECG
ent but in the
rt of the passe
e material strip
n ways that ar
G signal senso
e other hand t
pes have been
re able to obta
or. It is not ve
this signal giv
ery usual to
ves a lot of
n added to the
ain the necess
e surface of
sary signals
omotive enviro
mily of standar
onment has b
rd protocols.
been facilitated
d thanks to
.6. Results
As a result
een manufactu
well known Blu
t of this proje
ured which are
uetooth protoc
ct, some IEEE
e able to comm
E 1451 standa
municate using
ard compatible
g the very
e electronic b
boards have
igure 3. Demon
nstrator panel.
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