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How to Clean a Chicken Coop
Keeping a chicken coop clean is how you help ensure that your flock stays healthy. Most
people depending on the size of the flock and the chicken coop do a full cleaning every one
to two weeks. The chickens need to be removed from the coop first. Using gloves, remove
the shavings. Some clean the floor using a special coop cleaner or a water and vinegar mix-
ture. At this point, you may want to spray the walls and all other areas with a poultry pro-
tector which can help prevent infestation with mites and lice. Replace the pine shavings or
whatever you are using on the floor.
Steps for sanitizing the coop:
· Regularly clean the chicken poop everyday.
· Do a complete clean and sanitization as described above once a week. This
will include putting clean bedding in the nesting boxes and scrubbing down the
Clean, fresh feed and water must be provided to the chickens on a daily
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