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Poulet Rouge Fermier
Class & Type: This is a French class of breed.
Origin: It originated in France.
Colors: It is generally found in light brown.
Sizes: Standard breeds are available.
Characteristics: This breed of chicken was bred for its flavor and is known as one of the
best flavored poultry in the world. It is a single small combed chicken and has a naked neck
in the US.
Silkie Chicken
Class & Type: This breed is a Feather Legged Bantam class of breed.
Origin: They originated in China.
Colors: They come in Black, Partridge, White, Blue, Buff and Gray.
Sizes: This is a true bantam.
Characteristics: They are good brooders and mothers. Additionally, they make good pets as
they are extremely docile. This chicken has 5 toes and a walnut comb with a crest. They
are generally kept as pets or for exhibition purposes. This breed comes in bearded and non-
bearded varieties.
Sumatras, Black
Class & Type: They are classed as "all other breeds". These chickens are a medium breed
of exhibition birds.
Origin: They are related to the original jungle fowl of the Far East.
Colors: Glossy black.
Sizes: This is a medium breed and is available in bantam and standard varieties.
Characteristics: It has a pea comb and although red combed varieties are available, the blue
or gypsy combed type is preferred by bird fanciers. They are not very friendly birds and a
little wild, but are very beautiful. The roosters can have tails that can grow to 4 feet. They
are best kept in free range conditions. Because of their plumage they require higher roosts
and dry conditions. They lay medium white eggs but do not lay well.
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