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Rhode Island Reds
Class & Type: This is an American class of breed and is considered to be a medium heavy
variety of chicken.
Origin: The United States of America
Colors: The Rhode Island Red is a chestnut brown chicken.
Sizes: It comes in bantam size and standard size.
Characteristics: They are well known for their egg laying prowess and are also heavy
enough to be bred for meat. They have a nice disposition and are good for keeping as part
of a backyard flock. They will lay good sized brown eggs. They are single combed with
clean legs.
Rhode Island Whites
Class & Type: This is classed as an American breed and is classified as a medium heavy
breed. The breed is now becoming quite rare.
Origin: The United States of America
Colors: White.
Sizes: Medium heavy
Characteristics: They are a different breed from the Rhode Island Reds: This breed is a
good egg layer of large orange colored eggs and is a large fowl. They have a pleasant dis-
position but do not get on so well with other breeds. They have a rose comb.
Class & Type: This is an English class of breed. They are dual purpose.
Origin: They originated in England.
Colors: It comes in a number of colors but is most well known for its Columbian plumage
with a white body, speckled neck and black tail feathers.
Sizes: They come in bantam and standard sizes.
Characteristics: It has a single comb and the hens are good layers.
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