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Yellow Skinned Chicken Breeds
Class & Type: This is a lighter breed of Mediterranean class and used mainly for eggs.
Origin: It originated in the province of Ancona in Italy. The breed was developed using Leg-
horns and was named after the port city of Ancona. These birds were first exhibited in the
UK in 1851. It arrived in the US in 1888.
Colors: It is a mottled bird with black and white coloring.
Sizes: The breed is termed as light and there is a bantam variety available.
Characteristics: It lays white eggs and is bred for egg laying. It is not a good table bird. The
breed is a little excitable. It has long wattles and either a single or rose shaped comb. Light
colored ones with no white on their fluff are best for egg laying. The breed is termed as soft
feathered and lays large white eggs.
Class & Type: This breed is known as a Continental class and is a heavier breed.
Origin: This breed originated in the Netherlands and they originally came from an area in
Holland known as Barnevelder.
Colors: It comes in a variety of colors but for exhibition purposes the colors that are accepted
are Blue Double Laced, White Black and Double Laced.
Sizes: It is a medium heavy breed used for both meat and eggs.
Characteristics: It is a heavy breed and has a single comb. They are dual purpose birds that
lay large dark brown eggs. These chickens are docile birds which make them ideal for be-
Class & Type: This breed is classified as a Mediterranean variety and is a light breed.
Origin: This chicken breed originated in Italy
Colors: There are a number of colors for these birds but white is the most common.
Sizes: They are a light breed and available in standard and bantam.
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