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• Sicilian buttercups: These are a rare breed of chicken. The hen is mottled and the
rooster a rich red brown with black tail feathers. They lay a few white eggs.
• Catalanas: Are buff colored chickens breed for meat and white eggs.
Continental Breeds: These are breeds that originated from the north of Europe and were
bred for meat and eggs. Many of this class originated in Holland. Examples of these are:
· Hamburgs: These are a light breed of egg laying birds. They are also orna-
mental and can be used for exhibition purposes.
· Barnevelder: This is a dual purpose bird that comes in a variety of colors.
It lays brown eggs.
Feather Legged: There are a number of feather legged chickens. They are often used for
exhibition purposes. Examples of these are:
· Belgian D'Uccle: This is a bantam variety of breed and can also come in a
bearded breed. It is most commonly used for exhibition purposes.
· Brahma: This is a heavy bred that comes in a variety of colors. They lay
brown eggs.
· Cochin: This Chinese breed comes in a variety of colors. It has a pleasant
personality and is a fluffy variety of chicken.
· Langshan: This is a rare breed from China. They are white, black and blue
and lay brown eggs.
· Sultans: These are white birds with crests, beards and feathered feet and
legs. They are used for exhibition purposes.
Polish Breeds: These birds are a light variety with a crest on top of their heads. They come
in a variety of colors and some are bearded, others are not. They can be solid black with a
white crest or solid blue with a white crest. They come in white, silver laced, buff laced,
gold laced, cuckoo and spangled. They are often used as exhibition birds and are some
of the oldest breeds of chicken. Despite their name they do not originate in Poland but in
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