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Different Kind of Chicken Plumages
Different colored plumage, or feathers, indicates different breeds of chicken. Due to soph-
isticated methods of breeding many variations of feather markings can be seen in chickens.
Here are a few:
This refers to the horizontal stripes on a chicken comprised of 2 colors, an example of a
regular stripe in the Plymouth Rock, which is often known as the Barred Rock due to its
markings. An irregular stripe when one color is dominant is known as a cuckoo bar and can
be found in breeds like the Dominique and Hollander.
Frizzle Feathers:
These types of feathers are also known as twisted ones. The web and shaft of the feather are
twisted creating the frizzle varieties.
Laced Feathers:
This pattern has a contrasting color on the border on the web of the wing. This marking
will be found on most blue breeds of chicken and also some varieties of Polish and Cochin
Single Lace:
This pattern of plumage is seen by the single contrasting color on the border of the web of
the wing. Laced Hamburg varieties and Laced Polish breeds will exhibit these markings.
Double Lace:
This marking will be seen by a double boarder around the wing web. It is often black or a
contrasting color. This can be seen in Laced varieties
Mottled Feather:
This pattern consists of white tips on the feathers. Not every feather has this marking.
Examples of breeds that have these markings are Anconas and Houdans.
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