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Figure 2.54 (A B) Hypostome of male and female, respectively; (C D) capitulum of male
and female, respectively; (E F) coxa of male and female, respectively; (G H) spiracular
plates of male and female, respectively.
Source: NIV. unpublished drawings.
central field of the scutum, definitely triangular dorsal projection of the spiracular
plate, and seven ventrointernal setae of femur IV, etc., differ from those in darjee-
ling. In the birmaniae female, the presence of a ventral spur on trochanter I,
broadly rectangular genital operculum, and nine ventrointernal setae of femur IV
serve to differentiate it from darjeeling. H. birmaniae is generally smaller and
paler, and more yellowish than this species. Two other species that have been
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