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Figure 2.118 Haemaphysalis canestrinii. (A) Dorsal and ventral view of nymph, (B)
hypostome, (C) dorsal and ventral view of capitulum, (D) spiracular plate, (E) legs.
Source: Hoogstraal (1971), Journal of Parasitology (vol 57(1)), Allen press Publishing Services.
Legs: Legs are robust. Coxa I spur is broadly triangular, extending well beyond
coxal margin; II to IV are each with spur reduced to a broadly rounded ridge,
extending to or slightly beyond coxal margin.
Related Species 74
H. (R.) canestrinii females are easily distinguished from the closely related species,
H. (R.) leachi, by the presence of a prominent, posteriorly directed spur from the
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