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1.9 List of Indian Haemaphysalis Ticks According to
Subgenus: Aboimisalis
Haemaphysalis cornupunctata
Subgenus: Aborphysalis
Haemaphysalis aborensis
Haemaphysalis kyasanurensis
Haemaphysalis tezuensis
Subgenus: Alloceraea
Haemaphysalis aponommoides
Subgenus: Allophysalis
Haemaphysalis garhwalensis
Haemaphysalis warburtoni
Subgenus: Haemaphysalis
Haemaphysalis campanulata
Haemaphysalis birmaniae
Haemaphysalis darjeeling
Haemaphysalis indoflava
Subgenus: Herpetobia
Haemaphysalis sulcata
Haemaphysalis sundrai
Haemaphysalis kashmirensis
Haemaphysalis himalaya
Haemaphysalis nepalensis
Haemaphysalis kumaonensis (new species)
Subgenus: Kaiseriana
Haemaphysalis aculeata
Haemaphysalis anomala
Haemaphysalis bispinosa
Haemaphysalis cuspidata
Haemaphysalis davisi
Haemaphysalis hystricis
Haemaphysalis kinneari
Haemaphysalis ramachandrai
Haemaphysalis spinigera
Haemaphysalis shimoga
Haemaphysalis intermedia
Haemaphysalis sambar
Haemaphysalis turturis
Haemaphysalis wellingtoni
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