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Figure 2.61 Distribution of
H. anomala in India. (
) Place
of first record.
Map not to scale.
Male ( Figures 2.62 and 2.63 ) 67,127
The mean body length is approximately 2.70 mm (2.50
2.96), width 1.60 mm
Capitulum: Basis capitulum is dorsally approximately 1.8 times as wide as
long; external margins are sub-parallel (slightly indented at mid-length); posterior
margin is between cornua straight; cornua are triangular, as wide as long, with
pointed apices, and one-half as long as the base of basis capituli. Infrainternal setae
number five. Hypostome is not as long as palpi. Dental formula is 5/5, with 8
11 (external) narrowly elongate denticles in a file.
Scutum: Cervical grooves are deep, comma-shaped pits, and shallow. Lateral
grooves are narrow, deep, and long; extend to anterior one-fourth or one-fifth of
scutal length and enclose anterior pair of festoons. Punctations are numerous, small,
and discrete, tending to be slightly larger and more widely spaced anteriorly.
Festoons number 11. Spiracular plates sub-quadrate; dorsal projection triangular,
large, elongate, and pointed dorsally.
Legs: Coxa are each with characteristic spurs. Spur of I needlelike, overlapping
anterior one-half of coxa II.
Female ( Figures 2.62 and 2.63 ) 67,127
Overall body length is approximately 3.0 mm, width 1.6 mm.
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