HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
3. <h3>Heading Level 3</h3>
4. <h4>Heading Level 4</h4>
5. <h5>Heading Level 5</h5>
6. <h6>Heading Level 6</h6>
Figure 2.1 Various heading levels as displayed on a web page
Headings are often followed by supporting paragraphs. Paragraphs are defined using the
<p> block-level element. Paragraphs can appear one after the other, adding information to
a page as desired. Here is example of how to set up paragraphs (see Figure 2.2 ) .
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1. <p>Steve Jobs was a co-founder and longtime chief executive
officer at Apple. On June 12, 2005, Steve gave the commencement
address at Stanford University.</p>
3. <p>In his address Steve urged graduates to follow their dreams and,
despite any setbacks, to never give up&ndash;advice which he
sincerely took to heart.</p>
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