HTML and CSS Reference
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The Headers Attribute
The headers attribute is very similar to the scope attribute. By default, the
scope attribute may only be used on the <th> element. In the case that a cell,
either a <td> or <th> element, needs to be associated with a different header,
the headers attribute comes into play. The value of the headers attribute on a
<td> or <th> element needs to match the id attribute value of the <th> ele-
ment that cell pertains to.
Table Structure
Knowing how to build a table and arrange data is extremely powerful; however, there are
a few additional elements to help us organize the data and structure of a table. These ele-
ments include <caption> , <thead> , <tbody> , and <tfoot> .
Table Caption
The <caption> element provides a caption or title for a table. A caption will help users
identify what the table pertains to and what data they can expect to find within it. The
<caption> element must come immediately after the opening <table> tag, and it is
positioned at the top of a table by default (see Figure 11.3 ) .
Click here to view code image
1. <table>
2. <caption>Design and Front-End Development Books</caption>
3. ...
4. </table>
Figure 11.3 A table of topics with a caption that shows what the table relates to
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