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Table Row
Once a table has been defined in HTML, table rows may be added using the <tr> element.
A table can have numerous table rows, or <tr> elements. Depending on the amount of
information there is to display, the number of table rows may be substantial.
1. <table>
2. <tr>
3. ...
4. </tr>
5. <tr>
6. ...
7. </tr>
8. </table>
Table Data
Once a table is defined and rows within that table have been set up, data cells may be added
to the table via the table data, or <td> , element. Listing multiple <td> elements one after
the other will create columns within a table row (see Figure 11.1 ).
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1. <table>
2. <tr>
3. <td>Don&#8217;t Make Me Think by Steve Krug</td>
4. <td>In Stock</td>
5. <td>1</td>
6. <td>$30.02</td>
7. </tr>
8. <tr>
9. <td>A Project Guide to UX Design by Russ Unger &#38; Carolyn
10. <td>In Stock</td>
11. <td>2</td>
12. <td>$52.94 ($26.47 &#215; 2)</td>
13. </tr>
14. <tr>
15. <td>Introducing HTML5 by Bruce Lawson &#38; Remy Sharp</td>
16. <td>Out of Stock</td>
17. <td>1</td>
18. <td>$22.23</td>
19. </tr>
20. <tr>
21. <td>Bulletproof Web Design by Dan Cederholm</td>
22. <td>In Stock</td>
23. <td>1</td>
24. <td>$30.17</td>
25. </tr>
26. </table>
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